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core belief and vision

core beleif

We are a Danish design studio who believes in the value of doing your best – especially with the small things. We love the feeling of well-thought a product, where designers clear have thought of every single detail. We want to give you this experience when you purchase an IVER Denmark watch; that we have excelled even in the tiniest details; and that we have sacrificed some profit to be able to optimise the materials and buyer experience.


Our clear vision is to design the classics of the next generation. Men’s and women’s watches that in 50 years’ time will be spoken of as being classics in the watch industry. Therefore, we do not expect our designs to change much over the coming years. Because after all, a classic will stay modern. We believe that a watch, of all things, itself shall be timeless.

Core values


We believe in the value of a smile, and we intend to do everything possible to spread as many of them. To spread the gode humør (positive moods) as we say in Danish. We strive to get as much personality and excitement in the way we meet you, our partners, and each other at the office in Aarhus, Denmark. The city of smiles.


Our motto is “Simple Things Done Well”. It applies to everything we do – design, marketing, and in our daily work at the office. We do things properly and we strive to excel by giving attention to even the tiniest details.

social responsible

We strive to build an organisation that contribute positively to the world we live in. Firstly, we strive to be economically profitable, so we can create meaningful jobs for our employees. Secondly, we strive to contribute to the environment by securing that our production lines pollute are as sustainable as possible. Third, we want to contribute socially by giving 10 % our profits to projects and organisations that makes the world a better place for those who are in despair.   


We are based in small Denmark, but we have broad ambitions. We work to build a global watch brand, so that we can create smiles all around the world.

Social responsibility

One Tree Planted

We care for Mother Earth.

Therefore, every time we sell a watch, we buy a tree in the Brazilian jungle, the lungs of the world. We have partnered up with OneTreePlanted who already have planted thousands of trees. You can read more about their incredible work here.

We do everything we can to make our production lines of watches and straps as sustainable as possible. For example, we make sure that all of our leather straps are vegetable tanned which means that no chemicals have been used during production.


We want to give something back to the world and we want our existence to make the world just a little bit better.

Therefore, we have engaged in a close collaboration with SmilFonden (The Smile Foundation), who works hard to make parties and events for kids with cancer. To make them smile – something they might not do too often due to their disease. You can read more about their great work here. 

We support SmilFonden with 10% of our profits. Thus, when you buy an IVER Denmark watch you know that parts of our profits go to something meaningful.


Today, IVER Denmark consist of a team of six distributed in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong. But it all started at a dorm in Aarhus in January 2016. Kristian Asbjørn Iversen had crushed the glass on his watch and was tired of not being able to find a truly minimalist watch with long hands and numbers on the dial. So, he spent endless nights with pen and paper drawing the perfect minimalist watch. A more complex task that one might think. Here you can read more about our design thoughts in making our watches. 

The creative marketing expert, Tine Glahn Wernlund, quickly got involved, and in May 2017, IVER Denmark launched its first collection, The Viking Collection, and sold the Danish design watches to more than 20 countries in the first month.

We believe the minimalist design is the ultimate sophistication and will stay modern in many years to come. We are looking forward to the journey on which we hope you will join.


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