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Minimalist watches for men & women

Design philosophy

Our core design philosophy builds on the quote of the classic French pilot, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, who said this about the development in the design of airplanes:

 ”In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away”.

This task, to simplify watches for men and women is, ironically, a complex task. We have therefore been forced to redesign every single component of our watches from scratch to ensure that every part fits aesthetically with all other parts. Because, the more simplistic a watch is, the more even the tiniest detail counts. The design is Danish. Minimalistic, simple and clean. The quality is Swiss. Precise, reliable and solid craftsmanship. You can see all of our watches for Women here and watches for men here. 

About the watch case

The watch case is designed to look as if it is floating on your wrist. At the same time, we have delimited the use of steel to give the dial as much attention as possible. When you look at your watch, the case itself will thus take very little attention, which also makes the entire watch look light and slim.

All edges are softened so they align with the softened tips of the hands, which again gives the watch a softer and lighter look. This makes it suitable for both men and women.

Moreover, we are proud to have made the lugs without any holes, which is normally the standard in the watch industry. The easy interchangeable straps mean that we do not have to cut holes all the way through the lugs.

About the dial and the hands

We have designed three watch faces, because we wanted one with numbers, one with lines as the markers and one with dots. Common for all three designs is that we have cleaned the dial for as much noise as possible, leaving only the 12 markers and the tiny logo. Nothing more. At the same time, all markers are indexed, meaning that they are raised above the dial, which gives a more exclusive look.

We are especially proud of Gorm den Gamle (Gorm the Old), as minimalistic watches with numbers probably is the most classic design of all time.

We have custom made the long watch hands with a tail to give a more balanced look on the watch. Moreover, it gives a classic look and the soft edges are made to match the rest of the watches’ design.

About the functionality

Design and functionality goes hand in hand. Especially in terms of designing watches. All our watches are therefore equipped with crystal sapphire glass to make the watch capable of withstanding hits and bumps that you undoubtedly will expose your watch for at some point.

All our watch straps come with an innovative spring bar so you can easily change the straps without using any other tools than your fingers. This goes for our straps to both men and women.

The movement is Swiss to ensure that the watch is not only beautiful, but that it also is reliable and precise. It is waterproof so that you can wear the watch all day without worrying about breaking it. 

The viking kings
Danish Design. Danish Names.

We put a great deal of passion in our designs. Therefore, we believe that they should be named something special.

As our design style clearly takes it point of departure in the Danish minimalist design tradition, we found it natural that our designer watches should have Danish names. The Danish monarchy, one of the world’s oldest, as well as the Vikings are the most Danish things we know of, so it was straight forward to name our designs after the first three Viking Kings to rule Denmark; Gorm den Gamle, Harald Blåtand, and Svend Tveskæg.

We wish to cherish the Danish design and to give our designs a unique history. Therefore, each watch has its own discrete reference to the Viking Kings.

Gorm den gamle - Gorm the old

Gorm is our absolute first design, as our designer, Kristian Asbjørn Iversen, has a strong preference for watches with numbers. Therefore, this was the design we made as the very first. As Gorm den Gamle was the first king to unite Denmark under one kingdom, this model was to be named after him.

harald blåtand - Harald Bluetooth

The Harald Blåtand watches has a red dot on one of the hands as a discrete symbol of the bloody sword that killed Harald Blåtand on the battlefield. Harald Blåtand is one of our most popular watches for men.

svend tveskæg - Svend Forkbeard

Svend Tveskæg is rose gold as a discrete symbol of the great treasures he conquered on his many quests, in especially England and Norway. He became the king of England in 1014, and to this day, British children still sing “London Bridge Is Falling Down” about Svend Tveskæg and his navy attacking London in 1014.

Handmade watch straps in high quality leather

Handmade & easily interchangeable 

We believe that the strap makes half the watch. We are proud to have been able to design a truly simplistic strap without any stitches to match the minimalistic watch face.

Each and every single strap is made by hand of carefully handpicked leather at one of the world’s best sewing shreds. The straps for women is slightly shorter than the straps for men.

Each strap has an innovative spring-bar that makes it easy for you to change between the straps using no other tools than your fingers.

vegetable tanned

Leather production is extremely stressful for the environment, as it requires a great deal of chemicals to clean the leather before it goes into production.

We are beyond proud that all our straps are vegetable tanned which means that there has been no use of chemicals what so ever during the production process. Instead, the large stocks of leather have been laying in large vessels filled with water and roots from oak trees which slowly cleans the leather. It is this process that makes the IVER Denmark watch straps soft and luxurious in its texture.

a proper watch deserves a proper packaging

We believe that the look of the bottle actually means something to how the wine tastes. Our motto is “Simple Things Done Well”. We believe the packaging says something about the creators’ passion for creating the watch – and all other accessories that comes with it. We have put an effort into designing the packaging. We want you to feel that we have done our very best throughout each and every single component. Because we have done exactly so.

Find your new IVER Denmark watch for Women here, or your new watch for Men here.

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