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Innovative cardholder perfect for the modern man, that does not carry cash. Holds between 1 and 8 cards in three pockets. The cardholder is made of high quality black leather with a rough back side of the leather making sure your cards are kept tight and does not fall out. The cardholder is named after the best business man in Denmark of all time, Arnold Peter Møller. A man that knew how to take care of his money.

MATERIAL High Quality Full Grain Leather
COLOR Black  
NUMBER OF CARDS 1-8 in 3 pockets 
TANNING Vegetable tanned: no use of chemicals 


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The cardholder, Arnold, is as simple as it gets, while still being innovative. It has 3 pockets, where the 2 outer pockets are for the cards you use the most, while the middle pocket is for the cards you only use every now and then. All are accessable from the hole in the lower corner. Thanks to the high quality leather, the cardholder can hold as few as one single card without the card falling out. At the same time, the leather is flexible so it can hold up to 8 cards.

The leather is of the best quality possible. It’s vegetable tanned, meaning no chemicals have been used in the process of making the cardholder. As our watch straps, the cardholder is of course made by hand and patinates beautifully with use.