Hand-made Black Leather Strap

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Classic black watch strap i high quality leather with an innovative springbar on the back, that makes it easy for you to change straps without using any other tools than your fingers. The leather is vegetable tanned, which means that no chemicals have been used doing production. The design is simple with no stitches and a custom-made clasp.

MATERIALS Full grain real leather
WIDTH 20 mm
LENGTH Men: 23 cm. / Women: 21 cm.
TANNING Vegetable tanned; no use of chemicals 
EASY INTERCHANGEABLE Innovative spring bar makes it easy to apply the strap
BUCKLE Stainless Steel

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The 20 mm black watch strap is made and crafted to perfection by hand at some of the best sewing shreds in Europe. The leather is carefully handpicked and is vegetable tanned with respect for nature and environment as no chemicals have been using in the process. The stocks of leather have laid in large vessels along with roots and bark from old oak trees for weeks to provide a soft feel and texture. The black leather strap is an all-time classic. The strap fits all designs from IVER Denmark and is available for both men and women. As with high quality leather, the cognac colour patinates beautifully and will look better the more you use it and take shape after your wrist.

The black watch strap is unique as it has no visible stitches to match the simplistic design of the watches. The buckle is costom-made and with its soft curves it looks slim and light to match the simplistic design of the watches. The buckle is made of stainless steel and will match the colour of your watch, i.e. if you have the black Harald Blåtand, the buckle will be black

The strap is easily interchangeable. Thanks to the innovative integrated spring bar, you need no other tools than your fingers to easily change the straps. This gives you the opportunity to customise your look for any occasion.

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Rosa Guld haspe, Sort haspe, Sølv haspe

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Men's: 23 cm., Women's: 21 cm.


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