Gorm Den Gamle – Black Women

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A classic and simple watch for women. The dial is as simple as it gets and suits almost every outfit; the formal and the casual. With a hand-made black leather strap you will get a timeless look. The design is Danish and minimalistic. The quality is Swiss.


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Our vision is the design the timeless classics of the next generation. To create this, our core philosophy in everything we do is based on the belief that, the mark of great design and craftsmanship is seen in the small and simple things done well

The strap is half the watch. The cognac leather strap is made by hand on one of the worlds best sewing shreds, and are made without any visible stitches to match the simplistic design of the watch. The strap has an integrated quick release spring bar, so that you can easily change the straps and create your own look. See all our straps here.

All designs from IVER Denmark carry old Danish names, as the designs build on the Danish minimalist design tradition. This is our first design, and therefore it is named after Denmark’s first Viking King, Gorm den Gamle (Gorm the Old), who united the Danes under one kingdom after defeating numerous German lords in 936 and ruled until 958 when his son Harald Bluetooth took over.

Gorm was married to Thyra, and their first born son, Harald Blåtand took power when his father died.

With the long soft hands and the truly simplistic dial, this watch has a classic and timeless look. You can costomize the look of Gorm by easily changing the strap – for example change the leather strap to a silver mesh strap.