Gorm Den Gamle – Silver Mesh

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Classic look watch with a modern silver mesh strap, that gives a modern twist to the simplistic dial and hands. Gorm den Gamle (Gorm the Old) is the first design in The Viking Collection, and has both his name and initials engraved with runes on the back.


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Our vision is the design the timeless classics of the next generation. To create this, our core philosophy in everything we do is based on the belief that, the mark of great design and craftsmanship is seen in the small and simple things done well.

The brand new mesh strap is made of high quality stainless steel – of course with no nickel. The strap has an innovative mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the length of the strap. Moreover, the strap is easy interchangeable so you can change between your straps and create your own look. See all straps here. The glass is made of crystal sapphire, next to diamonds the hardest material on earth. This means that the watch is resistant to scratches doing everyday use.