Harald Blåtand – Black Mesh

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The watch is a sample model and are sold on a first come first served basis. The watch comes with full warranty and are as new, but does not come with the original plastic cover on the glass as it has been used as a sample model on fairs. 
In stock: 2 pieces.

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Our vision is the design the timeless classics of the next generation. To create this, our core philosophy in everything we do is based on the belief that, the mark of great design and craftsmanship is seen in the small and simple things done well.

The watch is simple and minimalistic following the Danish minimalist design tradition. The black dial is a safe choice for you who wish a simple, yet sophisticated watch. The new stainless steel mesh strap gives the watch an all black look and makes the watch suit booth the suit and the every day casual look for both men and women. The red tip of the second arm is a discrete symbol of the bloody sword that killed Harald on the battlefield. The beating heart of the watch is a long lasting Swiss Ronda. The sapphire glass is extremely hard and makes the watch resistant to scratches from hits and bumps doing everyday use. This prolongs the lifespan of the watch substantially. The stainless steel mesh strap is easy to adjust in length thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, so it fits both the large and small wrists. The spring bar on the back of the strap makes it easy for you to change between your straps. See all straps here.