Harald Blåtand – Black Women

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We took the classic white-black dial and turned the colors upside down, so the dial is black, and the markers white. The watch are especially suitable for women who wish something else than the typical white dials. The design suits the casual look, but can also be used for more formal dressing. A watch for the modern woman.


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ur vision is the design the timeless classics of the next generation. To create this, our core philosophy in everything we do is based on the belief that, the mark of great design and craftsmanship is seen in the small and simple things done well.

The watch is named after Denmark’s second viking king, Harald Bluetooth, and have his name and initials engraved on the back of the watch. Harald ruled from 958 till 987 when his son, Svend Tveskæg, and a group of rebellions threw Harald off the throne. The red dot on the second hand is a discrete symbol of the bloody sword that killed Harald on the battlefield.

If you are the kind of type with wide movements it’s lucky that the watch comes with a crystal sapphire glass – next to diamonds the hardest material on earth. So, you gotta hit it pretty hard to scratch the glass. To match the hand-made leather strap and the exclusive design, the beating heart of the watch is a high quality Swiss Ronda Movement. See all Men’s Watches here, and Women’s Watches here.