Rose Gold Mesh Strap

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The brand new rose gold mesh strap is a great alternative to the classic leather straps. The mesh strap is made of high quality stainless steel and looks especially good on our rose gold Svend Tveskæg.


COLOR Rose Gold
MATERIALS Stainless Steel  
WIDTH 20 mm  
EASY ADJUSTABLE The length of the strap can easily be adjusted
EASY INTERCHANGEABLE Innovative spring bar makes it easy to apply the strap  

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The brand new 20 mm matte rose gold mesh strap is a great alternative to the classic leather straps. The strap fits all of IVER Denmark’s watches – it looks especially good on the rose gold Svend Tveskæg and gives a unique feminine look that fits most outfits. To keep the design in line with IVER Denmark’s philosophy of making a product as simple and minimalistic as possible the mesh is fine grained to make it look slim. It looks great on both men and women as it is not to feminine yet not too raw and masculine. The clasp features a discrete IVER Denmark logo and the tip is made to look soft to match the soft curves of the watch itself. As with the watches, the mesh strap has a matte brushed finish.

The mesh strap fits both men and women as it is easily adjustable. The locking mechanism can be adjusted to make the strap long enough for large wrists, or short enough for small wrists.

The strap is easily interchangeable. Thanks to the innovative integrated spring bar, you need no other tools than your fingers to easily change the straps. This gives you the opportunity to change between straps and customize your look to any occasion.

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16 mm, 20 mm