Sigrid Storråde Cognac | 32 mm

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About the design

Sigrid Storråde – The third queen of Denmark.

A classic 32 mm. women’s watch in matte rose gold with a high quality real leather sand strap. The watch is named after the third queen of Denmark, Sigrid Storråde, and have her name and runic letters engraved on the back of the watch. The watch fits most women who prefer a minimalist watch in high quality materials. Sigrid is the last of three designs in our Queen Collection and are a smaller and more feminine version of her husband 39 mm Svend Tveskæg which you can see here. 


Minimalist design. Vegetable tanned real leather.

The design is as minimalist and elegant as it gets. The dial is in matte white and the 12 small markers are slightly raised above the dial to provide contrast and depth. The hands are as on all of our models extraordinary long and made with soft edges and a tiny tail which gives the watch an exclusive and elegant look. 

The cognac leather strap is made of high quality real leather and are vegetable tanned, meaning no chemical substances have been used in manufacturing the strap. This also makes the leather much softer. To match the design of the watch the strap has is special made with no stitches, and the innovative springbar on the back enables you to easily change the strap and create your own combination. 


Plant a tree.

When you purchase a watch at IVER Denmark you are at the same time planting a tree. For every single watch sold, we plant a tree in the Brazilian jungle in cooperation with the international organisation, OneTreePlanted. The Brazilian jungle is absolutely essential for the worlds eco-system and in converting CO2 from the atmosphere. And then it is nice to know that a tiny tree is planted and sprouting thanks to you. One watch. One tree. 



Name of model:
Queen of Denmark, Sigrid Storråde
32 mm
6 mm
Doomed crystal mineral glass
Swiss Ronda Qvartz 1062
316L Sandblasted Stainless Steel
Easy interchangeable cognac Leather Strap
Strap material:
High quality vegetable tanned real leather