Svend Tveskæg – Rose Gold Mesh

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Svend Tveskæg (Svend Forkbeard) is Denmark’s greatest Viking king. He is the third king of Denmark and the third in our Viking Collection. The simplistic design fits any occasion and outfit; the man who wears suit and tie, and the man who wears jeans and t-shirt. The strap is hand-made of high quality leather. The Movement is Swiss.


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Our vision is the design the timeless classics of the next generation. To create this, our core philosophy in everything we do is based on the belief that, the mark of great design and craftsmanship is seen in the small and simple things done well.

Svend got his nickname, Forkbeard, due to his long mustache that apparently looked like a fork. Svend Tveskæg (Forkbeard) managed to conquer Norway, and in 2014 he and his viking navy stormed, and conquered London. At his peak Svend thus ruled Denmark, Norway and England. He is by far the greatest viking in the Danish viking era. The rose gold color of the watch is a discrete symbol of the many treasures Svend conquered doing his many raids in especially England. A true viking.

The brand new stainless steel mesh strap gives a modern look to the classic looking dial. It has an innovative locking mechanism making it easy to adjust the length, and a quick release spring bar so you can easily change between your straps.

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